High temps in low 90s likely

EUGENE, Ore. - The southern Willamette Valley could hit 90 F or higher Tuesday and Wednesday, unseasonably warm temperatures for going back to schools without air conditioners.

The high temperature Tuesday will likely fall short of the record 98 F set back in 1948. The long-term average high for September 10 is 79. {>}{>}{>} CURRENT FORECAST

But the National Weather Service said low to mid 90s is not out of the question before high temps drop back down to the 80s going into the weekend.

Students return to Eugene 4J Schools on Tuesday. At River Road Elementary, which doesn't have A/C, educators are prepared to play it cool.

"The key thing is to make sure that the kids are not being strenuous when they're outside," said principal Susan Nakaba. "So we limit the activities that they do during recess and lunch, and we're very fortunate to have a wonderful gym available to us that has large ceiling fans in it."

Students will be given frequent breaks to get drinks of water - and the school might even have some popsicles on hand to put back-to-school jitters on ice.