High school students see the tragic side of distracted driving

EUGENE, Ore. -- The Lane County Sheriff's Office is spending time with high school students to teach them about the dangers faced when driving.

The department started their 3 day campaign Monday to take teens behind the scenes of real-life car accidents involving drinking or texting.

"We thought it'd be valuable for students to see what happens on the other end of it. When they come to the hospital, the trauma bay," said Kevin Woodworth, a former Lane County Sheriff's Deputy.

With the help of actual medical personnel, law enforcement and a student actor, they made a video of what would happen in the emergency room after a crash.

"Some things got left out, but everything else was very true to form," said Jessica Ellingson an emergency tech at Riverbend. "We took him to a CAT scan, the report the medics gave when they came in was very real."

The program's second day holds a mock car crash, starring student Robert Beckley as one of the actors.

"I'm really hoping it provides the message that it's supposed to," said Beckley.

Woodworth said programs like these are crucial lessons for students.

"The loss of a child to a family is probably the single most traumatic event a family could ever look at, and we try to bring those things to light," said Woodworth.