High School Electrathon: 'I actually did this, I created something'

EUGENE, Ore. -- The High School Electrathon electric car competition returns for the 12th year to Lane Community College.

Event safety marshal Ronald Jacobson said students were in charge of building the cars, which are primarily run by two 12 volt batteries.
The around 30- to 40 cars raced for an hour, and the person who completed the most laps within the hour won.

"There will be a team of three to five or six kids that build the car. It's all teamwork, you have pit crews. It's what you would call real racing," said Jacobson.

Students at Willamette High have been building their electric powered go-carts since January.
The students design, engineer and weld the cars from scratch, using energy-saving designs.

Willamette High junior John Johnson said he finds the experience is invaluable.

"The second you can drive them, it's just such a feeling of like, wow. I actually did this, I created something and it's actually running now," said Johnson.