'He's still looking out there, wanting to go out and play some more'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. -- At high noon Saturday, the stage was set for a dozen K-9 units to square off in a true test of how well they can do their jobs.

"He got all excited as we pulled into the parking lot this morning, so he knows what this place means and knows what it's time to do," Springfield Police K9 officer Justin Meyers said, looking down at his companion, Officer Fedo.

The 19th annual Springfield Police K9 Competition will be the last one for 10-year-old Fedo. Officer Myers said he's competed more than 6 times in this event, taking first place last year.

Fedo is what police call a forward patrol dog. Saturday's event at Silke Field in Springfield allowed the public to get a glimpse of what they do while working on the streets.

"He made me go over the 6 foot wall this year, instead of him doing it. So he knows what he's doing," Meyers said, recalling their run through the obstacle course, "He's the old man. He's slowing down a little bit, but you can see he still loves it. He's still looking out there, wanting to go out and play some more."

Fedo is set to retire this year. The Springfield Police Department has been raising money to purchase a protg, and announced they've reached their goal during the competition.

Springfield PD officials said they will be bringing in Fedo's K9 officer replacement later this year.