Helicopter makes emergency landing at Portland school

PORTLAND, Ore. - A helicopter made an emergency landing on the baseball field at a Portland middle school on Thursday morning.

At approximately 10 a.m., the helicopter landed at Robert Gray Middle School in Southwest Portland, according to school district spokesman Matt Shelby.

Shelby said all the students were inside at the time and nobody was injured. Nobody in the helicopter was injured, police said.

Shelby said the school continued operating as normal. An email went out to parents after the landing to explain what happened.

Police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson said the helicopter was a training helicopter from Hillsboro Aviation. The pilot and co-pilot decided to land after noticing a engine warning light.

Larry Lake is a parent of a student at the school and a pilot himself.

"I know it's very frightening," he said. "I'm a pilot and I had an engine failure one time, so I know what's going through his mind when he did that. It's just absolutely frightening."

Police told KATU News the fire department was not called because there were no leaks coming from the aircraft and no one was hurt.

A flatbed truck showed up around noon to pick up the helicopter. The Federal Aviation Administration will also conduct an investigation.

Portland police Sgt. Greg Pashley said this was the same field that a plane landed in two years ago. In that case, a small Cessna ran out of fuel and the pilot was forced to set the plan down in the field.

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