Heavy rain floods multiple Eugene intersections

EUGENE, Ore. - Heavy rain mixed with leaves and other debris strained Eugene's stormwater collection system on Monday evening.

The downpour led to flooding over curbs at multiple intersections in Eugene.

Eugene Public Works closed down the intersection of 18th Avenue and Agate Street, as well as 19th Avenue and Pearl Street.

In south Eugene, some drivers and bicyclists were hesitant to drive through these massive puddles.

"Riding on your bike's pretty hard," said Jacob Stitzel, a bicyclist form Eugene. "The water goes past your wheel and it's not fun."

According to Public Works field crews, drainage lines are nearing capacity, especially those lines that drain directly into Amazon Creek.

Eugene residents are now bracing for yet another wet day in the Willamette Valley on Tuesday.

"Go slow and don't go through water if you don't think you can make it," said Emily Sieers, a motorist on High Street.

Due to the weather, the Alsea School District will begin class two hours late on Tuesday morning.

Eugene Public Works has opened its emergency command center in order to respond to numerous flooding incidents throughout the area.

To report major flooding, contact Public Works Maintenance at 541-682-4800.