'He was a lifelong friend for those students': Longtime Eugene teacher passes away

EUGENE, Ore. - Eugene's Madison Middle School is mourning the sudden death of one of its longtime teachers.

"Every school has its own anchor that staff member that is kinda the glue for the building and that was Andy," said principal Scott Marsh.

50-year-old Andy Morgenstern, a long-time social studies teacher, died unexpectedly earlier this week, after suffering a heart attack.

"There was a lot of sadness, there's also quite a bit of joy in a way because a lot of people just celebrated the fact that we were fortunate enough to have Andy in our lives," said Marsh.

Morgenstern, who started his career at 4J in 1992, spent most of his career walking the halls of Madison, leaving an impact on every student he taught.

"They really were his kids a far as he was concerned," said his brother Dan. "Each different class Andy got a new group of his own kids."

"He was a lifelong friend for those students and they knew they could always go back to him," said his daughter Summer.

Summer and her brother Pao said the impact he left on the school and the community will stay with them.

"He truly wanted everybody to be happy and that's something you don't see everyday," said Pao.

And even though he might not walk the halls anymore, he'll always be a part of Madison Middle School.

"We'll walk the hall and we'll see bits and pieces that Andy had his hand in or there will be events that we do that Andy maybe brought to the school and it'll always be there, little memories of him," said Marsh.