'He must have worked up quite a thirst cutting a hole in the roof'

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - Security cameras at a bowling alley caught a cat burglar who broke in through the roof - and helped himself to a beer.

Police said three times in as many weeks, a thief has broken into Springfield businesses via the roof.

The latest victim, Timber Bowl, caught the rooftop prowler on camera.

The suspect broke in through the roof early Monday morning and used a rope to land on the bowling kiosk.

Once in the buiding, he grabbed himself a beer.

"He must have worked up quite a thirst cutting a hole in the roof with the screw driver," said David Blankenship, Timber Bowl owner. "It was like he didn't have a care in the world."

Blankenship said the guy took his time and caused about $8,000 in damage. The burglar walked away from the bowling alley with thousands of dollars worth of Oregon Lottery scratch-it tickets.

Police think the same man is also responsible for breaking into Sharky's Pub and a gas station via the roof.

Springfield police advise businesses to be on high alert and lock up valuables at night.