'He just seems like a part of our family'

ROSEBURG, Ore. - Ron Fisher delivered the mail on the same route for nearly 26 years without incident.


"All dogs seem to like me," Fisher said. "I've only been bit once in my 53 years."

Fisher knows the names of the 1,300 people on his route, and he's seen their children grow into adults. He treasures all the memories and friends he's made through the years.

"My thing is to do the best I can for the people I'm delivering the mail to and to maybe have a conversation or two along the way," he said.

"Whenever you go out to see the mailman, it seems like you're going out to meet your son or uncle, a good friend or something," said Fay Crum, who lives on Fisher's route. "He just seems like a part of our family."

As he goes on his route the last few times before retiring, Fisher said it will be the people he'll miss the most.