'He instilled in me and my three brothers what I am today'

ROSEBURG, Ore. - Entering the gates of the Roseburg National Cemetery, there are no lights, no music and no fanfare, just the quiet solitude of being with a beloved veteran.

"My heart's here," said David Richards of Yoncalla. "I love the military, I grew up a military brat. My dad was 32 years Navy man."

After serving in World War II, Korea and Vietnam, Richards' father passed away at age 62.

He passed on a sense of the work ethic for which his generation was famous.

"He instilled in me and my three brothers what I am today," Richards said. "I worked hard my whole life."

People from all walks of life came to Roseburg on Monday to pay their respects.

"To me, Veterans Day is every day," said Jerry Luttrell of Canyonville. "Every time I get a chance to thank a veteran, I make a point to go and thank them for their service every chance I get."