Have you seen the world's funniest jokebook author? Frog on the mend

EUGENE, Ore. - If you haven't seen the world's funniest jokebook, the 89th edition comes out in April, "Frog" Miller said from his hospital bed Friday.

"I've been doing it since 1986, and a lot of students have gone in and out of the U of O," he said. "I'm now selling to some students whose parents were at the UO and said to come buy my joke books."

Frog said he loves telling jokes - and doesn't care for working for anybody other than himself.

"It makes me feel good every day," he said of telling jokes. "I can't think I've ever gone a day without laughing at something."

Friends and fans have been sending him jokes and wishes to "get well" this week.

Frog fell ill last Sunday and was rushed to the hospital by amublance, where he was in critical condition earlier this week.

His condition has improved, and Frog said he hopes to be released from the hospital soon - maybe even as early as Friday.

Meanwhile, he was cracking jokes about hospital life.

"And the doctor says, well, I've got some good news and bad news," he said. "The bad news is we had to amputate both your legs; the good news is the guy in the bed next to you wants to buy your shoes."

KVAL News shared with Frog a video of people on E. 13th Avenue talking about how important he is to the fabric of the city.

"It makes me feel pretty good inside you know," Frog said. "I'm looking forward to seeing all those people."

The local icon spoke to Tom Adams for a story set to air #LiveOnKVAL Friday