Haunted Maze: 'Imagination - and kids who want to scream'

EUGENE, Ore. - It is the time of year the Hern family in Lowell saves their energy for every year.

"We treat it kind of like Christmas, we go all out," said Steve Hern of Lowell.

For the third year now, the Hern family is turning their three car garage into a haunted house this Halloween.

"It's taken us a couple of weeks to construct it," Hern said.

The family used black plastic and wood to build the haunted maze.

"We stapled all the tarp up and put up cob webs too," said Dillon Gehrman, a member of the haunted house crew.

The maze also includes an assortment of goblins that pop out in different corners throughout the maze.

When asked how many, Hern said there were too many to count.

"We spend several hundreds of dollars and probably a thousand dollars worth of props over the years," Hern said.

The maze also includes some real life props as well.

Hern's son, Cory, and friend Dillon Gehrman, have acting roles inside of the maze.

"He's supposed to be a dead guy, and I'm supposed to be his murderer," Cory Hern said.

Steve Hern said opening the haunted house is a chance to give kids in Lowell something to do on Halloween.

"We're not a big town, we're a small town. There's not a lot for the kids and everybody loves haunted houses," Hern said. "It's not Hollywood, I mean, it's just small town family doing the best we can with just ''."

The Haunted House is located at 30 Trailblazer Ct. in Lowell. The house will be open as soon as it gets dark on Halloween night.