Gun training in demand

SHEDD, Ore. - Sheriffs in both Lane and Linn counties report

increased demand for concealed weapons permits

in the wake of shootings at a mall in Portland and a school in Connecticut.

Shooting instructors said residents are also seeking training on how to use the guns they want to conceal and carry.

"I've seen a big increase just over the last month, month and a half," said Mike McCarter wit the Albany Rifle and Pistol Club. "The number of people requesting classes for both conceal carry classes and basic pistol classes has definitely gone up from what we've seen."

McCarter said the golden word on their shooting ranges is responsibility.

"Our responsibility is to make sure that we keep our firearms secure and away from those folks who shouldn't have them," he said.

The second key word is training.

"The worst situation that can happen is that someone gets a gun and never practices, never takes the training to use it," McCarter said.

He said having a concealed weapon is like wearing a seatbelt.

"Seatbelts keep us safe," McCarter said. "We do everything we can to avoid an accident, and your last lifeline is your seatbelt. Well, that's the same thing with a gun."