Grocers react to Eugene plastic bag ban

EUGENE, Ore. -- The City Council approved a plastic bag ban, and retailers have six months to implement the change.

"I agree with it totally. I think there's alot of other options and better options than plastic bags," said Eugene resident Chris Butler.

At Fred Meyer on West 11th Avenue, store director Mike Brown said they're on board with the changes. "Our direction is to hopefully get the shopping habit more built into customers using recyclable bags or reusable bags," said Brown.

"We've done this successfully in Portland and Corvallis, so it's going to be an easy transition for us to move into that," said Brown.

As part of the plastic bag ordinance, retailers must charge customers a minimum of 5 cents per paper bag.

Mark Lew, owner of Capella Market, said they'll donate the 5 cents per bag to an environmental cause rather than keeping the money.

"We've never charged a nickel. Now it's an extra nickel. We're going do something good with it," said Lew.

There are exceptions to the ban, including plastic bags that carry produce or meat, and thicker plastic bags like those at retail shopping or clothing stores.