Grenade near road closes Oregon highway

SWEET HOME, Ore. - Before they found the grenade sitting next to the road, officers were already on the scene sorting out a dispute between two neighbors, the Sweet Home Police department said.

"It could be seen as a threat," said Sweet Home Police Department spokeswoman Gina Riley at the station on Monday morning. "Any time that you have an explosive devise in the public, we take it as a threat definitely."

The grenade - which proved to be real but inert - sparked a closure of a nearby Oregon highway while the bomb squad responded to the scene.

The incident started around 7:40 a.m. Monday when a Holley Road resident called police about a neighbor trespassing on his property, identified as Adam Foss.

Officers arrived on scene and asked Foss to leave the property. He did, and the complainant opted not to press charges against Foss.

But then police saw a grenade on the sidewalk in front of the neighbor's house after another neighbor, Tiffany Mills, pointed it out to them.

"They told me to stay in the house and let them do their business," said Mills, who said she found the grenade in her front driveway around 7:30 Monday morning.

That prompted police to ask state officials to close nearby Highway 228 while the Oregon State Bomb Squad responded to the scene.

The road was closed until about 10:30 a.m.

After an initial interview with Mills, police said her neighbor Adam Foss had claimed to have found the grenade while cleaning his house Sunday and had placed it near the street Monday morning.

Neighbors confirmed to police that the grenade had been out on the sidewalk for a while before police arrived in response to the trespassing complaint.

No criminal charges had been filed in the case as of Monday evening. Police said Adam Foss, who put the grenade on the sidewalk, was taken into custody for a mental health evaluation at a hospital.

Initial report

SWEET HOME, Ore. - A grenade found near an Oregon highway prompted closure of the road Monday morning while the bomb squad responded to the scene.

All lanes of Oregon Highway 228 (the Halsey-Sweet Home Highway) were closed in Sweet Home this morning at the request of police, the Oregon Department of Transportation said.

Police there said a grenade was found on the road.

The road has been closed for public safety until a bomb squad can respond and determine whether the grenade is live or not.

No word yet on what the bomb squad found. The road was re-opened to traffic at 10:30 a.m.