Greenhill Humane Society: 'We have a 93% live-release rate'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Greenhill Humane Society is under fire from a group in Lane County that claims the shelter has been euthanizing animals that they can't find a home for.

In emails, officials from the group No Kill Lane County said Greenhill is not abiding by public contracts with the county that say the group must save at least 90% of the animals they receive.

Greenhill's executive director Cary Lieberman said that while those accusations are true for other parts of the country, they don't apply to their shelter. On Friday, Greenhill talked with KVAL about a recently released study on their euthanasia rates.

"No Kill Lane County appears to be concerned about animals, not finding them homes," said Lieberman. "We have a 93 percent live-release rate so we're surpassing that 90 percent goal. For our dogs, our live-release rate is actually 97 percent"

No Kill Lane County said Greenhill has euthanized animals that some people have been willing to adopt.

Lieberman said that in some cases they put down animals when they are suffering from medical or behavioral conditions.

"We go through an extensive process before making any euthanization decisions. We have multiple vets having medical discussions about each animal," Lieberman said.

Greenhill said all information on animal activity is available to the public.

Officials from Green hill said if anyone is concerned about the treatment of animals at the shelter, they welcome you to come in, volunteer, and check it out for yourself.