Government shutdown puts Oregon State research in peril

CORVALLIS, Ore. - For 30 years, Professor Maret Traber has studied the effects of Vitamin E on the human body.

Traber said her work will be compromised if she can't submit her grant on Monday. The government shutdown has brought grant proposals and reviews to a halt.

"Am I a little bit pissed off? "No, I am a lot pissed off," Traber said. "But we're not supposed to say that as a serious scientist, right?"

She's not alone: the government shutdown impacts a majority of the research at Oregon State University.

The suspension of federal funds affects nearly 2/3 of the research projects at Oregon State.

Rick Spinrad, vice president of research, said each day the shutdown continues, the situation gets worse. If the shutdown carries on for 2 weeks, he said the impact would be "catastrophic" on research.

"The longer this persists, this shutdown, the more difficult it's going to be and the more catastrophic the nature of the consequences could be," Spinrad said.