Get a look at proposed new Howard Elementary building

EUGENE, Ore. - Opening in the fall of 2015, Howard Elementary School will be the first of four replaced or remodeled Eugene 4J School District buildings paid for by a voter-approved bond measure.

Kerry Delf with Eugene 4J said the district expects the $32 million replacement project to start at Howard Elementary this summer.

Delf said construction of the new school will not affect day-to-day school schedules. Current students will use the existing building until the new school is ready.

Howard Elementary is a technology immersion school, which boasts a one-to-one student-device ratio to excel learning in classrooms, according to the district.

But the building, built in 1949, is the fourth oldest school in the district.

The school is hosting an Open House for parents, neighbors and taxpayers to review the designs Tuesday, April 8, from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Howard Elementary School, 700 Howard Avenue.

Neighbors will be able to view the new designs, features and voice their opinion at the public forum.

The district also plans to build a new Roosevelt Middle School, River Road El Camino Del Rio Elementary School and Arts & Technology Academy.