Gay Oakland resident: 'I can't believe this is 2013'

OAKLAND, Ore. -- An Oakland man says he was appalled Tuesday night, when he saw a sign his neighbor had posted in their shared backyard saying that God would punish him.

The reason God would punish him? He says it's because he's gay.

The man came into his backyard and saw the sign which reads, "You maybe watching me, but God is also watching you for your evil deeds that don't go unpunished!"

He says those evil deeds are referring to his sexual orientation.

He spoke to KPIC News on Wednesday, but didn't want us to use his name.

He says he's been arguing with his neighbor since he decided to put up security cameras.

The sign came as a shock. "She didn't like it, and instead of following appropriate measures, she decided to attack my sexual orientation," he said.

The man's neighbor placed the sign in her section of their shared back yard, and it faces his home. "Now, every time I step out the back door, I now have to see, you know, that sign."

The sign doesn't actually refer to being him gay, but he says the words 'evil deeds' couldn't mean anything else.

He is a disabled Marine Corps veteran, and he says he's never had so much as a speeding ticket.

To be fair, KPIC News tried talking with the neighbor to get her side of the story, but she wouldn't come out of the house.

He says he's sad that there's people who think that it's OK to attack someone based on sexual orientation. "I feel it's kind of sad, sad for them. I just wish things were kind of different, I thought it was 2013."

According to police, the sign is not breaking any laws and the woman is allowed to keep it up.