Gas prices fall for Thanksgiving, meal costs slightly up

EUGENE, Ore. - Thousands of Eugene residents took to the highway on the eve of Thanksgiving for a full weekend of holiday travel.

"Today's the nightmare day," said Tom Delaney, a Eugene resident who plans to go to eastern Washington for Thanksgiving.

But with the price at the pump slightly falling, not many motorists at the pump could complain as they filled up.

"It's a lot cheaper to drive than to fly," said Cara Holmes, a Eugene resident who will be leaving for Ashland on Friday. "We are taking the whole family and gas prices are down which is good so that helps."

Meanwhile at the grocery store, last minute turkey shoppers weren't having that same luck.

"The turkeys seem kind of expensive," said Cindy Anderson, a last minute shopper. "It's more so than usual, but everything else is pretty much what I expected."

Since she waited last minute, the store was out of what she came in for to begin with.

"I'm looking for just a plain old turkey breast and I can't find that," Anderson said. "It's because I waited last minute, this is the last time I'll do that."

Whether you are staying home or hitting the road, it's best to leave yourself enough time to get what and where you need to be.

"We're just going to take our time and not be in a rush and hopefully the weather will be cooperative," Holmes said.

While gas prices may seem cheap, it is actually 10 cents more than it was last year.

In Eugene, gasoline prices currently stand at an average of $3.49/g, compared to last Thanksgiving, when prices stood at an average of $3.61/g.

Gas Buddy also reports that there will be more people on the road this Thanksgiving than last year.