Fundraising drive on to help people find a Home for the Holidays

EUGENE, Ore. - The two weeks Reaba Rojas and her granddaughter spent living in their car was no picnic.

"I did not let us be depressed," Rojas said. "I didn't let us think, 'Woe is me.' We had fun."

They found help at the First Place Family Center of St. Vincent de Paul, a day center for homeless families to get warm, do laundry and hit the computers to find work. The center is in its 22nd year of operation.

"We prayed the whole time, for those resources to come together and they did in a way that we could never had imagined," Rojas said.

Those resources got a lift from a program called "A Home for the Holidays." Mayor Kitty Piercy wants the community to raise $40,000 this month to extend the gift of shelter to others. Last year, the drive raised $70,000.

"We'll have funds that will enable us to pay people's first month's rent and deposits to get them into housing once they are housing ready," said William Wise, the director at First Place Family Shelter.

Last year, First Place helped 585 families get their lives back on track.

That means brighter futures for Rojas and her granddaughter Taliah.