Fruit-canning classes showcased at Detering Orchards

The Summer Canning Daze at Detering Orchard.

HARRISBURG, Ore. - Detering Orchards welcomed dozens of peach-pickers on Saturday, while farmers from the area showcased their "Summer Canning Daze," - a demonstration that shows peach-pickers how to safely can their fruit in a jar.

Canning experts say improperly canning peaches can have serious consequences.

"If you don't follow the directions, then you can get sick - in the old days people died," said Pamla Fritts, the Duchess of Cansalot. "Not a whole lot of people get sick anymore because, you know, safe canning practices."

If you love peaches, but canning isn't your thing, not to worry - Detering Orchards also sells canned peaches.

The Summer Canning Daze continues on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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