Frontier Heritage Fair: 'Just step back in time and experience!'

EUGENE, Ore. -- People got a first-hand look at how folks lived during a simpler time in America Sunday at the Frontier Heritage Fair in Eugene.

Over the past two decades the fair has become a must for history buffs in Lane County.

For Pam Geraths, the Frontier Heritage Fair is an annual opportunity to appreciate what made the United States what it is today.

"Just step back in time and experience! Whether it's reading it or dressing up ... it is part of life and part of history," Geraths said.

She joined dozens of other people, like coordinator Allyn Wilson, dressed up in their favorite 1800's attire.

"They come in and talk about the beads that were used. They type of guns and bows and arrows that were used in this era. It's impressive really," said Wilson.

Wilson said the event attracts experts in Oregon's history and educates visitors on life was in the old days. People demonstrated era-specific tools and how people completed tasks such as using a spinning wheel and woodworking.

"I am not sure actually who would use a tool from this era. I doubt the gunsmiths use hand-rolled barrels," Wilson said.

Many say the best part of the heritage fair is giving kids an opportunity to take history into their own hands.