From triumph to tragedy: 'In one second that all changed'

EUGENE, Ore. - Liz and Greg James landed in Eugene on Tuesday after running the Boston Marathon.

The first thing they did was hug their son.

"We couldn't believe that this happy occasion had turned so tragic," Liz told KVAL News at the Eugene Airport.

The James finished the race 25 minutes before the first bomb whent off.

"We were about four blocks away when we heard the two explosions, which we first thought was canon blasts for Patriots Day," Liz said, "but we were soon aware the spectators were fleeing downtown."

"We were talking about it, talking about how great it was," Greg recalled, "and absolutely in one second that all changed."

They said the most difficult part was seeing the spectators who had cheered them on during the race injured in the blast.

"Phone service was down and it was really strange to see this town that that was so cheerful and happy two minutes before just in an absolute panic state of not knowing what happened," Liz said.