Friends say police blamed birthday boy after officer lost control of Taser

EUGENE, Ore. - Friends and family showed up in court to support a man accused of resisting arrest and turning a police stun gun on an officer over the weekend.

Police say

Jessie Wright was leaving the Good Times bar after celebrating his 30th birthday

early Saturday morning when he thrust his finger in an officer's face.

Officers tried to arrest Wright but say he resisted and then grabbed a police Taser and used it on the officer.

Mark Rogers was with Wright during the incident. He said the police officer isn't accurately describing what happened.

"He is trying to mischaracterize to the press through the press release. He lost control of the weapon and was hit with it three times," Rogers said.

He doesn't think Wright resisted arrest. "If you were getting shocked or if anything hit you, it is a natural reaction to try and get it off of you," Rogers said. "He grabbed it and tried to pull it away."

KVAL News contacted the Eugene Police Department for more information about what happened but they refused an interview. A spokeswoman siad they did not want to make any more comments about the case or jeopardize the court process.

The friends who were with Wright that night said three officers were on top of him and that he simply pushed the Taser off of his back.

They said they warned officers wright was prone to seizures but that officers went ahead and shocked Wright with a Taser and sprayed him with pepper mace. ased and pepper sprayed him anyway.

"His head was hitting the asphalt. He was just very tense and everything was just shaking," said Anna Jackson, Wright's girlfriend. "I felt it was handeled unprofessionally. It made me feel extremely unsafe, and the fact that they are lying about the Taser I just don't understand."

Wright's mother didn't see the incident but was in court Monday. She spoke to KVAL News after the arraignment. Wright did not enter a plea to the charges against him.

"They did not believe that my son was having a seizure and said that people make it up all the time," Lorraine Mason said. "Well my son is prone to grand mal seizures. He could have died from this."