Friends organizing benefit for shop owner with cancer

EUGENE, Ore. -- Eugene Jeans owner Tim Long has been in business for over 15 years, and he says a tumor isn't just threatening his life, but the life of his shop.

The Bluegrass musician and business owner runs a vintage clothing store on 13th and Oak in Eugene.

Now, he says his business may be in jeopardy after being diagnosed with a cancer. "So they go, "You have internal bleeding," and they did an endoscopy and kept me for two days," said Long. "He said you have acid reflux damage and oh, by the way, you have a tumor."

Long says he doesn't have insurance, and even with help from PeaceHealth's Bridge Assistance Program, he's still left with huge medical bills. "The reality is, everyone has a finger in your pie. The city, the state, the county, the feds, you pay taxes, LTD taxes, insurance, rent. In this economy it feels like we're just treading water."

Eugene Jeans has been here for over 15 years, and now a group a friends are making it their mission to save the 'Eugene Jeans Guy.'

Long says a fundraiser at Cosmic Pizza helped raise $2,500, and they hope to be able to raise more.

Tim told KVAL News that there is something that worries him more than dying from his tumor. "I'm not afraid of dying, but I am afraid that my wife is going to be burdened with this huge amount of debt, and she'll be homeless because of this."

Tim says he's working with local musicians to create a concert benefit to help with his medical costs.