Freezing temperatures in forecast

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EUGENE, Ore. - Still need to put down a layer of mulch on the garden? A few vegetables still clinging to the vine?

Better get to work: The National Weather Service says freezing temperatures are possible Monday night and Tuesday morning across western Oregon.

"This will be the first time that many locations will fall to 32 degrees this fall," forecasters said.

Forecasters issued a freeze warning Monday.

"A freeze warning means sub-freezing temperatures are imminent or highly likely," forecasters said. "These conditions will kill crops and other sensitive vegetation."

Here's what's headed our way:

A cool low pressure system will move through the region Sunday and possibly bring some light snow to the higher elevations in the Cascades. Cool brisk winds will then develop Sunday night and Monday, setting the stage for the coldest night of the fall season Monday night and Tuesday morning, forecasters said.

Western Oregon valleys will likely see temperatures between 30 and 35 F Tuesday morning. Cooler areas, like the foothills near Eugene, could drop into the upper 20s.

The Oregon Coast will see areas fall close to the freezing mark.

The Cascades will see widespread temperatures in the 20s, with colder higher elevation valleys possibly falling close to 20 degrees, the weather service said.

Forecasters encourage gardeners to protect tender plants and to consider disconnecting garden hoses.

GOT WEATHER? Share Your Videos & Photos | Current Forecast | Closures & Delays