Four banks vandalized by mob in Portland

PORTLAND, Ore. - A mob of dozens of people crowded Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard Thursday night throwing rocks through bank building windows and bottles at pedestrians, according to Portland police.

Police said one caller to 911 reported that the group numbered between 50 and 75 people. It was reported that the vandals also walked into traffic and blocked vehicles.

Four banks were hit by the mob. Someone in the group threw a rock through the Chase Bank Window at 3902 Southeast Hawthorne, police said.

They also said the group broke windows at the U.S. Bank at 1225 Southeast Cesar Chavez Boulevard and the Walgreens Drug Store nearby.

The Umpqua Bank at 3557 Southeast Hawthorne and the Wells Fargo Bank at 3782 Hawthorne were also hit by the vandals.

Police detained several people but haven't arrested anyone at this time. They said the group was last seen walking eastbound on Southeast Belmont Street and then scattered.

Police said they will contact the affected businesses to find out if they have surveillance video so investigators can attempt to identify suspects.

They are also asking that anyone who has video of the incidents or information about the vandalism to email Portland police at

It is unknown at this time what motivated the vandalism.

This story is developing and will be updated . . . .