Former girlfriend of suspect in double slaying takes the stand

EUGENE, Ore. - A key witness in the state's case against Johan Gillette took the stand Friday
Johan Gillette is suspected of brutally killing his father, James, and his father's partner, Anne McLucas, in September 2012 in their South Eugene home.

Asia Seaton was dating and living with Johan on the Gillette property at the time of the crime.

Prosecutor Stephen Morgan started Friday morning asking about inconsistencies in Seaton's past statements.

She initially told authorities she woke up on Sept. 7, 2012 to the defendant cleaning his trailer with bleach.

At that point, Seaton said her boyfriend admitted hurting the two victims after claiming his father, James Gillette, went for his gun during a fight.

When asked to verify her original account, Seaton responded "I don't remember, but I guess if I said it then."

Seaton's evasive attitude changed when defense attorneys started questioning.

Seaton described an abusive James Gillette. She started crying as she talked about Anne McLucas, who she considered a close friend.

"She stayed with him because she kept telling me she didn't want to die alone," Seaton said.

Seaton said investigators promised to let her see Anne McLucas in her final hours if she answered their questions. She said that despite her cooperation, investigators let McLucas die alone.

Jurors were later shown video from the suspect's first interview with police, and also heard from detective Aaron Hoberg - the first investigator to question Johan Gillette on the day of the alleged crimes.