Former Cottage Grove youth pastor OK in Moore, Oklahoma

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COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. - Youth pastor Mike Normand and his family moved from Cottage Grove to Moore, Oklahoma, a year and a half ago for work.

Their home is just 150 yards from where a monster tornado flattened an entire elementary school Monday.

Normand told KVAL News his family had a 10 minute window to escape the tornado. They left their home and head north to his sister-in-law's home, which has a storm shelter.

On Tuesday they returned to their home to assess the damage.

Normand said it took them about an hour and a half to drive 8 miles south due to traffic, downed powerlines and trees, as well as rerouted traffic

Normand said they were lucky to see their home standing with only minor damage.

Some of their neighbors weren't so lucky.

Still, the family couldn't stay: Police are limiting neighborhood access due to looting threats. Normand said they hope to be able to return home in about a week.

Raw video from Mike Normand's neighborhood