Former Bandon teacher heading to prison for sex abuse

COQUILLE, Ore. -- A former Bandon school teacher found guilty of sex abuse charges was sentenced on Tuesday to just under 10 years in prison.

While the defense attorney for Chuck McLauchlin was hoping he wouldn't be sentenced to any prison time, they did not get their wish.

McLauchlin will spend just under 10 years in prison on 27 counts of sex abuse and online sexual corruption of a minor.

Mark Monson, a deputy district attorney, says the case was too big of a deal for no prison time. "This is not an insignificant crime, this took place over years," Monson said. "We trust teachers and athletic coaches to act in a specific way, and he violated that trust with this young woman."

Monson says McLauchlin started grooming the victim when she was in seventh grade. "It really took a lot of effort on his part to separate her from her family, separate her from her friends, separate her from her church."

While the defense was quoted as saying there have not been rumors of other victims, the state says there are reports that cite concerns of improper relationships with students and athletes while he was teaching. "It's not just a one-and-done type of a thing, I think he may have attempted to groom others along the way, and that might be why there is a suspicion of improper relations," Monson said.

Now that McLauchlin will be in prison for the next several years, the district attorneys office is hoping that if there are other victims out there, they feel comfortable coming forward.