'For added visibility, carry orange flag across with you'

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. -- After a fatal hit-and-run on Highway 99 last Saturday, Cottage Grove gave pedestrians another way to warn drivers that they are crossing in the marked crosswalk. At each side of the crosswalk near the intersection of Hwy 99 and the East Cottage Grove Connector are stations with hand-held orange flags.

Now a week after Robert Johnson's 74-year old grandmother Claudia Kimery was hit and killed by two drivers at Geer Ave., he says he's happy to see the city doing something about the dangerous crosswalk.

"For added visibility, carry orange flag across with you I love the concept though, I love the idea to get people's attention," said Johnson. "(But) all the flags are on one side of the road, and they're not available over here. There should be a way that the pedestrians can stop traffic."

The city said that their solution is only intended to be temporary while they assess their options for other ways to address crosswalk safety.

ODOT said they are looking into the area's crash history and will recommend shot-term solutions by November 8.