Flying from EUG: 'We're looking for alternatives through San Francisco'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Some travelers at the Eugene Airport had to make other arrangements due to canceled or delayed flights after Asiana flight 214 made a crash landing in San Francisco Saturday.

United Airlines canceled three scheduled flights to SFO Sunday morning, leaving people like Tammy Burch eager to find another flight plan.

"As soon as we got here we found out that our flight was canceled we checked this morning on the website and it said all flights were scheduled up 'til 12:30," said Burch.

Tom Foster said it has been a little upsetting to plan a flight for his relatives when flights went from on-schedule, to delayed, to canceled.

"Now they're scheduled for Tuesday, but we're worried about that so we're looking for alternatives through San Francisco."

For Burch, the experience of finding a new flight has been a bit unsettling.

"It was amazing that only two people died and we certainly feel for all of them... Makes us a little nervous to travel," Tammy said.

Many of the passengers our news team talked to said their thoughts were with the passengers and families of those involved in the San Francisco International crash, however they are also hoping to make it to their destinations as soon as possible.

Some of the flights that had transfers in San Francisco were re-routed to the Portland International Airport, sending hundreds of people to PDX.

John Ho and his wife Chan Hing planned to fly from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. on Saturday, but their flight was canceled after the crash. They spent the night in the San Francisco airport before flying to Portland early Sunday morning.

"There's no flight anywhere," said Chan Hing Ho. "This is the first. The first available they have."

"I don't know exactly the location of Portland," John Ho said. "How far east, west, north or south."

"We just know we're in Portland. We'll stay here and then take the flight to go back," Chan Hing Ho said.

The couple said they received a voucher for a hotel room. They are scheduled on a Monday flight to Washington, D.C.

A spokesperson with the National Transportation Safety Board said they are working to get the San Francisco airport back to full strength.