Fly EUG to LAX: American Airlines restores service after 20 years

EUGENE, Ore. -- American Airlines is starting services at the Eugene Airport, giving travelers headed to southern California another option. The first flight came in 15 minutes early on Wednesday afternoon, and passengers like Jim Beardsly were treated to a goody bag of gifts.

"I thought a small plane wouldn't be that nice but it was very comfortable," Beardsly said.

The airline offers two non-stop flights a day between Eugene and Los Angeles on a 50-seat plane.

Eugene Airport director Tim Doll said LAX is their most popular passenger destination, and the added service will provide an economic boost to the area.

"It gives people more opportunity to fly out of the Eugene Airport instead of driving up to Portland and make connecting flights world wide out of Los Angeles," said Doll.

The last time American Airlines had a flight to Eugene was in 1993. After years of meetings with EUG airport officials at conferences, American Airlines agreed to fly out of Eugene again.

Doll said the Eugene Airport now has six airlines, the most to ever operate out of the airport.