Flames nearly destroy north Eugene home: 'It'll be close to a total loss'

EUGENE, Ore. -- A fire nearly destroyed a house in north Eugene Friday afternoon.

Firefighters attacked the flames both from the ground and air for nearly three hours while trying to save the home on Lakeview Drive.

Eugene Fire Chief Randy Dewitt said the fire started in shrubs near the home.

"At that point it just spread through the attic quicker than we could get to it. We called in extra resources, eventually we got a knock-down on it," said Chief Dewitt, adding "Obviously damage was extensive throughout the house. It'll be close to a total loss, unfortunately."

Homeowner Tony Chavez was inside reading the paper when he said things got hot.

"Somebody knocked on the door, banged on the door and told me to 'get out your house was on fire!'," Chavez said.

Chief Dewitt said their investigation is just starting. While they don't have an official cause yet, Chavez told us he believes it was probably started by fireworks.

No one was injured by the fire, and it was contained to just the Chavez residence. The Red Cross provided Tony and his spouse with a place to stay after the fire.