Fixing up the Amazon dog park: 'I wanna see it well taken care of'

EUGENE, Ore. -- Dozens of volunteers and their dogs came out to the Amazon Dog Park on Saturday to perform trail maintenance in an effort to combat the soggy paws that come with the wetter weather.

For pet owners like Ian Dobson, volunteering their time and energy to maintain the park was a great way to combat the encroaching mud and weeds.

"I use the dog park everyday it's just a really important place for me I think it's one of the most well used public spaces in town and I wanna see it well taken care of." Dobson said.

Officials from the Eugene Park Stewards have said that a funding gap has put a halt to fixing the puddles and swampy areas that appear each winter. Park Stewards volunteer coordinator Carrie Karl said that the dog park was in dire need of new pathways.

"For the sake of the dogs and making sure that people continue to come out all winter and exercise their dogs." Karl said.

Karl said that the volunteer labor truly helped bridge parts of the maintenance gaps that the Eugene Park Stewards had felt at the Amazon Dog Park.