Firefighters rescue dog after she falls into quarry

GRESHAM, Ore. - A shout of joy from officials with the Oregon Humane Society went up Tuesday night, signaling a dog that had fallen into a quarry was back on solid ground.

Gresham firefighter Bob Chamberlin was lowered just before 10 p.m. into the quarry at 1339 N.W. Eastwood Ave. to pluck Daisy, a 2-year-old pit bull mix, from a ledge. During the afternoon, Daisy had fallen 50 feet into the quarry owned by Knife River. She landed on the ledge, narrowly escaping another 150 foot drop.

"I'm so excited," said Daisy's owner Tammie Johnson after her dog was rescued. "I just can't believe she's back, and I can't believe she did this. It's like, oh my God this is almost embarrassing."

Daisy disappeared last Tuesday not far from the quarry. Johnson posted missing fliers in the neighborhood and received calls from people who saw her fliers and then the dog on the news.

Daisy did not appear to be hurt, other than a bump on the nose, and the first thing she did after being rescued was drink a lot of water out of a mud puddle.

During the rescue, Chamberlin was dangled over the quarry tethered to a ladder and was slowly dropped onto the ledge.

"She was dug into the bank," he said. "I took a t-shirt the Humane Society gave me - the owner's t-shirt - as soon as she sniffed that she was right up against me and was ready to go."

After Chamberlin strapped on the harness, both dog and firefighter were lifted to safety. During the ride up, Chamberlin said he tried to have Daisy concentrate on the sunset with him to forget about the rescue. He said she squirmed a bit because she was a bit too small for the harness.

Rescuers had to wait to get permission from the federal agency that oversees the quarry, Mine Safety Health Administration, and once the agency gave the go-ahead, they proceeded with the rescue.

In an earlier rescue attempt, rescuers decided to lower a boom to the ledge. The boom had a trap on the end with food. They hoped the dog would go into the trap so she could be pulled up.