Fire Update: Lightning has firefighters searching for new burns

Still image from timelapse video of the Whitewater Fire (via IMT)

Thunder and lightning rolled through the valley late on Thursday, and firefighters are now patrolling the area around Mount Jefferson searching for new fire starts.

The focus today is to reinforce fire lines and secure lightning caused fires from yesterday.

Fire meteorologists predict an increased chance of thunderstorms tonight, but there are chances of light showers over the weekend to temper the burn.

An increase in acreage yesterday resulted from the use of firing operations to manage fire intensity and control lines.

The Rebel fire continues to burn, and crews are working to contain potential growth and resistance.

This work involves falling dead standing trees, removing lower tree branches, as well as small trees and underbrush.

Due to the Rebel fire location, FSR 19 will be closed just south of Delta Campground entrance road and just north of the junction of FSR 19 and FSR 1944 near North Fork Trailhead.

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