Fire truck slides on ice, crashes into guardrail near OHSU

PORTLAND, Ore. - A fire truck slid on a patch of ice and crashed into a guardrail on Sam Jackson Park Road Wednesday morning.

It happened at around 8:30 a.m. The fire truck was responding to a report of an injured bicyclist who slipped on a patch of ice, according to Portland Fire and Rescue spokesman Damon Simmons. The truck slid on the same patch of ice.

Simmons said leaves blocked a drain and caused water to remain on the road, where it froze.

"On the side of caution we usually chain up," he said. "But the road was absolutely dry except for the patch of ice. It was a cascade of unusual circumstances."

SW Sam Jackson Park Road was closed in both directions between Campus Drive and Terwilliger Boulevard. It will stay closed until the ice can be sanded, Simmons said.

The narrow road leads up a steep hill to Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU).

The bicyclist was walking around when crews arrived. He was checked out at OHSU as a precaution.

The truck was towed out and will soon be back in service.