Fire Prevention Fair: 'The field trip is always nice for the kids'

ROSEBURG, Ore. -- Over the next three days, 12 fire prevention agencies will help 1,200 Douglas County Kids get a hands on opportunity to learn about fire safety.

Fire Prevention Week has been a highly anticipated event for the last five years.

This year the theme is 'Preventing Kitchen Fires' because most fires in the home start in the kitchen.

Douglas County Fire District #2 Fire Marshal Josep Pedrola says the kids will learn more than just what to do in a kitchen fire situation. "They'll learn fire safety from stepping out of the house when there is a fire, how to react to smoke alarms sounding, stop drop and roll, some of these basic safety skills from K-3, which is the target group," Pedrola said.

The focus is on kids in kindergarten through third grade because Pedrola says they retain the information, and are more likely to interact at each station. "It provides for a good learning experience, at the same time they have fun with it," Pedrola said. "The field trip is always nice for the kids so it works pretty well."

Everyone is welcome to the event, which continues Wednesday and Thursday from 9am - 2pm in the Home Depot parking lot.

Officials are hoping that kids will take home what they learned and discuss it with their families to help prevent fires in the future.