Fire Officials: With the dry weather, it won't take much to start a wildfire

PLEASANT HILL, Ore. -- After experiencing a relatively dry year in Oregon, fire officials say it doesn't take much to start a wildfire.

Captain Andrew Smith said he's gearing up the Pleasant Hill Fire Department early this fire season while fire danger is still relatively low.

"(We) make sure all the personnel are prepared for the different challenges that are presented with wild fire compared to our usual structure fire fighting," Capt. Smith told KVAL News.

At the end of April firefighters said they worked a fire that quickly spread to more than an acre in size.

"We are seeing late afternoon winds and change in humidity warm temps and that will dry out these light brushes very quickly," said Smith. "I stress heavily the support of a defensible space - which is a space free and clear of excessive brush, keeping trees trimmed back neatly keep roofs clean."

While keeping your home clear of potential fire dangers is key, it is also important to prevent starting a blaze while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the northwest.

"Safe disposal of cigarettes and approved containers making sure that if you're at the camp site and you have a camp fire to make sure that its completely extinguished," Capt. Smith said.

The low rainfall means trees and brush are especially dry this year, and fire officials say we all need to do our part to help prevent wildfires.