Ferry Street Bridge: Nation's 10th most dangerous span?

EUGENE, Ore. - The Ferry Street Bridge spans the Willamette River in Eugene, a symbol of the town - and one of the nation's most dangerous bridges, according to to a national magazine.

Travel and Leisure magazine ranked the bridge as America's 10th most dangerous bridge.

"It's an older bridge, it's been there a long time," commuter John Larson said.

But Tom Larsen, the City of Eugene's traffic engineer, thinks the article - and the bridge - are nothing to fear.

"I think the article uses more scary words than they are," he said.

Travel and Leisure rated the bridge a 16 on a 100 point scale, where zero is the worst and 100 the best.

Commuters didn't seem concerned Monday.

"I think you're going to be okay for awhile," Kevin Stanfill said. "You can tell when a bridge, they bounce, especially when I'm weighing in about 9,000 pounds with these two cars."

Larson said the bridge still does the job it was designed to do.

"Even though the number is critical, it's in good shape," he said.

Larsen said he drives on the bridge multiple times a week and feels completely comfortable driving on the bridge even though the article points out it is prone to partial or complete collapse if a component gives out.

"It causes me absolutely no concern," he said. He plans to drive across it Tuesday "just like I did this morning and not lose any sleep."

"I've been on worse bridges," Stanfill said. "That one is fine."