FBI: Woman, 19, charged with sex trafficking minor is now missing

PORTLAND, Ore. - The FBI says a 19-year-old woman who was indicted on sex trafficking charges in April is now missing.

Julia Lynn Haner was living at home during the legal proceedings, the FBI said. She removed her ankle monitoring device sometime over the weekend and disappeared.

Federal court documents show Haner was told to stay at home unless she was going to an approved place, like work, court or mental health treatment.

Haner, a former competitive cheerleader who attended Lake Oswego High School, was indicted on charges related to sex trafficking of a minor. Police said she recruited a 17-year-old girl from the high school to work as a prostitute.

Prosecutors said Haner got into prostitution after high school and reached out to the 17-year-old through Facebook.

"I'm just really worried about her or scared she might get hurt or I'll get a call saying that something happened to her," said Julia Haner's aunt, Kathleen Haner. "I think she's really confused. She needs her family."

Julia Haner told her dad she was thinking of fleeing to Mexico, according to Kathleen Haner.

"She was having a hard time facing her problems, and my brother Mike had said, 'You've got to face your problems, don't give up,'" said Kathleen Haner. "I don't think he really thought that she would."

Now, her family has a message for her.

"Julia, you are my niece and I love and care about you so much," said Kathleen Haner. "I hope you're okay and I hope you find your way back. If you need any help don't hesitate. I will help you any way I can."

Anyone with information about Haner's whereabouts is asked to call their local FBI office. In Portland, the 24-hour number is (503) 224-4181.