Family seeks passerby who found unconscious skateboarder

EUGENE, Ore. - A 24-year-old man is in a medically induced coma after a skateboarding accident in the early morning hours of July 5, his family said.

Micky Bredfield was skateboarding home on the Amazon bike path and was not wearing his helmet at the time of the crash.

Micky left a voicemail on his brother's phone around 1 a.m. saying that he had fallen a couple times said Micky's brother Cary Bredfield. When he returned the call, paramedics answered.

Sometime between 1 and 2 in the morning, Micky was found lying unresponsive on the Amazon path below the Garfield Street overpass, Bredfield said.

The person who discovered Micky went to the 7-11 at 18th and Chambers and called 911.
The family is hoping that person will come forward so they can thank him or her for potentially saving Micky's life, Bredfield said.

It's possible Micky was conscious for a time after the crash, his brother said. When paramedics looked at Micky's phone, they noticed he had used Google Maps looking for the hospital, Bredfield said.

Micky is currently in a medically induced coma.

The family said Micky gave a thumbs up Monday morning when he came out of sedation, but he was put back in a coma and couldn't breathe on his own.