Family honors grandmother with '12 acts of kindness'

EUGENE, Ore. -- While many are feeling the excitement of the season, two brothers say Christmas won't be the same without their grandmother.

"One night the kids came to me and they said they wanted me to ask Santa not come," said Springfield mother Stephany Cooper-Desmond. "It broke my heart."

She said her sons aren't ready to celebrate Christmas without their grandma Kristi who passed away from cancer in October.

Instead of celebrating the holiday looking forward to a visit from Santa, the family is making 12 acts of kindness to focus on the true spirit of the season.

Stephany said it is their way of bringing back the Christmas cheer by doing 12 selfless acts - things that that Kristi would have done.

"My husband bought a $50 gift card to Dutch Bros. and handed it right back to the cashier and said, 'Just use this up until it's gone, for whoever comes through'," said Cooper-Desmond.

Stephany started a facebook group to spread the idea, and now has over 500 members.

""One person went to goodwill and bought five coats and handed them out downtown," Stephany said.

She said many of the people in the group want to continue the random acts even after the Christmas season.

"It's been such a positive experience and for those involved that I can't imagine giving it up."