Family, close friend, former teacher remember Seattle Pacific University shooting victim

BEAVERTON, Ore. - A Seattle Pacific University student shot and killed in a random shooting on campus Thursday has been identified as a young man from Beaverton. His family and friends are in shock over his senseless death.

Paul Lee, 19, was a freshman at SPU
. He graduated from Westview High School in 2013 one year ago this week. His friends told KATU News his dream was to go to college at SPU.

"It's always great seeing Paul. He's just such a graceful figure," said Wilson Guo, one of Lee's closest friends. He's known Lee since 6th grade at Stoller Middle School.

Lee's smile was infectious, leaving a permanent imprint in the minds of everyone around him.

At Westview High School, the two were part of a tight-knit group of friends,

"Paul definitely had a passion for dancing and the way he moved would get the girls crazy too," said Guo, who's now a freshman at Portland State University.

Lee's high school Japanese teacher, Brian Bangerter, remembers him as selfless, the guy who seemed to know everyone. Bangerter taught Japanese for three years at Westview.

"He used to hug people to make people happy when they were sad. Very much a giver and not so much concerned about himself," Bangerter said.

Guo said Lee also had a serious side that earned him a nickname among his close friends.

"I miss Paul because of his maturity. I feel like the reason why I called him 'Uncle Paul' was because of how mature he was and just the way he went about himself. He always stayed true throughout high school just being him," Guo explained.

There's so much love between these friends that Guo reached out to Lee on Thursday around 3 p.m. when he first heard about the shooting at SPU, where Lee was a freshman.

"I texted him at for just saying 'Bro, there's a shooting today. Are you OK?' And I never got a response," Guo said.

Now Guo is angry because he knows he never will.

"I just broke down, I couldn't really take itthe real reason why it hurts me so much is I read online and there's not really a motive for why the person did it," he said.

The only thing Guo can do is focus on light in his friend's eyes, and the memories he leaves behind.

Graduation for the Westview class of 2014 will be held Monday night, June 9. Lee was also friends with number of graduating students. For now, all off his friends are giving his family space to grieve out of respect.

Albert Lee wrote this message on his Facebook page to remember his brother:

"At a time when we feel a level of loss, grief, and pain we couldn't have ever imagined, we are so overwhelmed by all of the thoughts and prayers from the community. At this moment all we can ask is to continue to remember Paul and all that he has left behind for us. Thank you all for blanketing us with your kind words, we will thank you all individually in due time. Paul, you handsome shekki, we miss you and love you more than you know. Keep dancin' in heaven."