Family car stolen with children's gifts in trunk

EUGENE, Ore. - Joshua Roland always parks his car in a fenced parking lot behind his office on Franklin Boulevard.

He never imagined someone would steal his car from there.
But that's exactly what happened Monday afternoon.

Roland's initial reaction was shock.

"I was wondering if maybe I forgot where I put it," he said. "I didn't. It wasn't there."

Security cameras were able to catch were the car went. Around 3:45 p.m. Monday, a man broke into Roland's 2010 Toyota Corolla. The suspect then walked to the gas station next door to purchase a soda, where cameras were able to catch a clearer image of the suspect.

The suspect then returned to the car and drove off - with Roland's family's Christmas presents still in the trunk.

Roland's fianc Sarah Conboy said she had left the gifts in the trunk so that their two young daughters would not be able to find the gifts.

"Pretty much everything we have was in that car for the kids for Christmas," Roland said.

Roland said he reported the crime to Eugene Police and showed them the surveillance video. The officer who took the report told him Eugene Police have a "90 percent retrieval rate, and the car usually appears within 2 weeks."

Even if the car does appear within two weeks, that still may not be in time for Christmas.

For now, Josh and Sarah are setting their car worries aside and focusing on their daughters. "I've got a gun I'm probably going to end up selling. I've had it for a very long time, I love it," said Roland, "but I can't let the kids go without Christmas."

Roland's workplace, Catalyst Technology Group, is working to replace the presents the car thief stole. Any donations will be accepted at their office on Franklin or next door at Stadium Automotive.