Fall deadline to complete GED testing looms

EUGENE, Ore. - When the GED test moves from paper to computer this fall, all old testing records go in the recycle bin.

That means students who have completed some but not all of the tests to earn a general education diploma have until fall to finish - or face starting over from scratch.

"Students that are out there that have tested in the past and have not finished, we want them to get in here and get their testing done," said Lora Dietmeyer, GED administrator at Lane Community College.

LCC is one of the primary GED testing centers in Lane County. More than 800 students registered with them will have to start the program all over again if they don't complete the testing before the deadline.

Dietmeyer said students have other incentives to wrap up their GED before the change. "The test will be harder," she said. "Instead of all multiple choice, there will now be some fill in the blank."

The deadline to begin taking the series of 5 tests at LCC is October 11, 2013. All 5 tests must be completed by December 6.

Benjamin Bellm said he isn't waiting for the deadline. He took his final exam Monday afternoon.

"I'm not sure how everyone is feeling, but I wanted to get everything done before the fall comes," he said.

The GED last changed in 2001, sparking a rush to finish tests.

"In 2001 it was crazy," Dietmeyer said. "I had so many students trying to come in here and get finished with the test. I kind of expect it will be the same thing this year."