'Every parent's worst nightmare to find out their child is missing'

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ALBANY, Ore. - Nine-year-old Lyfe hopped on his school bus Tuesday morning and got in his seat.

His mom Ashlee Ellefson strapped him in, gave him a kiss goodbye, and watched the bus drive away.

A little while later, Ashlee got a call from the school asking if Lyfe would be in that day.

She immediately panicked, worried about her son, who is autistic and non-verbal.

"It's every parent's worst nightmare to find out their child is missing," Ashlee said. "I just hope nothing like this happens ever again and the school district is held accountable."

A half hour later, school officials found Lyfe where his mother left him: sitting on the bus, strapped into his seat.

Surveillance video shows the bus driver failed to notice Lyfe was still aboard the bus.

Lyfe sat there in the bus yard with the bus door open and the gate open for 50 minutes.

Albany School District representatives said they are very sorry for this incident and take full responsibility. The bus driver is currently on administrative leave, pending the outcome of the district's investigation.

District policy requires all bus drivers to perform a walk through of their bus upon arrival to the yard. The driver of the special needs bus apparently did not make the required walk through, leaving Lyfe alone on the bus.

Albany Police said an informational report was filed. There was no criminal intent on the part of the driver, police said.