Evacuations ordered as fires burn out of control in Oregon

SISTERS, Ore. - People in Central Oregon face evacuation notices as wildfires rage out of control across Oregon.

In response to the Bridge 99 fire, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department issued a Level III "GO" evacuation order for all private lands along the Metolius River from Allen Springs Campground to Lake Billy Chinook,including the Metolius Arm.

The Three Rivers Subdivision is under a Level II Evacuation Order.

The subdivisions of Rim Park, Forest Park and Air Park along with the Cove Palisades State Park are in a Level I Evacuation Order.

Further east, the Wheeler County Sheriff has raised the evacuation to Level 2 for the West Branch Road Area near the Waterman Complex.

The same cluster of fires prompoted the Crook County Sheriff's Office to issue a Level 3 Evacuation notice for the Marks Creek Area. The Red Cross Shelter will be located at the Prineville High School.

A Level I (READY): Evacuation is defined as: There is an incident in the area and residents are advised to leave if they need additional time to exit or have health conditions.

A Level II (SET): Evacuation Level is defined as: Residents are notified there is a full evacuation and are informed to leave. Evacuation are mandatory and entry to evacuated areas may be denied. Residents are encouraged to evacuate as soon as possible. Residents may have time to gather necessary items, but doing so is at their own risk.

A Level III (GO): Evacuation Level is defined as: Residents are notified there is imminent danger, and they should evacuate immediately. Do not delay leaving to gather any belongings or make efforts to protect your home. Leave immediately, as quickly as possible.